Announcing Scratch Slice Jag, the new album from Jeb Bishop and Dan Ruccia

Scratch Slice Jag_cover_300

Out and Gone Music is proud to announce the release of Scratch Slice Jag, the new album from trombonist Jeb Bishop and violist Dan Ruccia. Recorded live at the Carrack Art Museum in Durham, North Carolina, in 2016, the album finds the duo drawing on European free improvisation and new music while exploring myriad extended techniques. The result is a stunning set in which the pair explore the outer sonic reaches of their instruments and highlight what becomes possible when two like-minded improvisers come together to share their musical and personal relationship with an audience.

Scratch Slice Jag will be available on October 6, 2017 on CD and as digital download. You can preview one track and pre-order the album now on Bandcamp.