Announcing Red October, the new album from Polyorchard

Red October cover

Out & Gone Music is excited to announce the release of Red October, the new live album from Polyorchard, featuring the quartet of Jeb Bishop, trombone; Shawn Galvin, percussion; Laurent Estoppey, saxophones; and Polyorchard leader David Menestres, bass. Recorded live in concert in the basement at Neptune’s Parlour in Raleigh, North Carolina, the quartet spins ideas with the tensile strength and malicious beauty of a spider working alone in the dark.

As Emily Leon writes in the liner notes: “Within seconds of listening to Red October, I felt as though I was the steel ball in a pinball game—the subject being manipulated inside of a glass box. I’m not suggesting cheap entertainment, but rather implying that, like the steel ball, this album propels you into the playfield: targets, holes and saucers, spinners and rollovers, gates. The gate motif often represents an entrance and an exit, a passage to a new beginning, and there are clear moments of a sounding procession throughout this album. Red October produces infinite possibilities of sound, and can be heard and experienced in infinite ways. There is an energy that consumes your consciousness, traps you in your own mind, and releases you as a means to undergo a transformative experience.”

Red October will be available on October 15, 2017 as a limited edition cassette and as download. You can preview one track and pre-order the album now on Bandcamp.