Pics from last night’s Microkingdom, Polyorchard, Jil Christensen/Charles Chace show

Last night Microkingdom (seriously, if you haven’t checked out Microkingdom, you’re missing out), Polyorchard, and Jil Christensen/Charles Chace played a house concert in Durham, NC. Also, poodles. Here’s some pics.

microkingdom rocking with sampson
Microkingdom: Will Redman on drums. Marc Miller on guitar. Sampson on emotional support.


polyorchard march 23 alfie loves it
Polyorchard: David Menestres on bass, Jil Christensen on accordion, Chris Robinson on bari sax and alto clarinet. Alfie loves it.
jil charles dogs
Jil Christensen on keys, Charles Chace on guitars. #musicfordogs
sampson mascot
Sampson, chillin like a villain


Alfie listening hard.