Jeb Bishop and Dan Ruccia begin East Coast Tour June 26


Trombonist Jeb Bishop and violist Dan Ruccia begin a five city tour of the East Coast in support of their new album Scratch Slice Jag on June 26. Bishop and Ruccia will bring their brand of adventurous and rigorous free improvisation to audiences from Washington DC to South Carolina. For all but one performance Bishop and Ruccia will be joined by a series of special guests, making each night a unique and unforgettable experience.

Tour schedule:
June 26: Rhizome, Washington DC, with Jeremiah Cymerman and Bobb Drake/JGuy Laughlin
June 27: Black Iris, Richmond, VA, second set with Scott Clark and Cameron Ralston
June 28: Arcana, Durham, NC, second set with David Menestres and Carrie Schull
June 29: Revolve Gallery, Asheville, NC, second set with Tashi Dorji and Shane Parish
June 30: ifArt Gallery, Columbia, SC

Scratch Slice Jag, which received a 4 star review in the Free Jazz Blog, showcases Bishop and Ruccia’s unusual pairing: the trombone and the viola. Of the pair, Bishop writes: “These are both instruments that are usually relegated to a place in the margins, the shadows, away from the center of attention. And they are both the butt(s) of some of the finest musician jokes.” Their music, however is no joke. Drawing on European free improvisation, new music, and employing myriad extended techniques, Bishop and Ruccia explore the outer reaches of their instruments and the possibilities that emerge when two like-minded improvisers come together to share their musical and personal relationship with their audience.