Out & Gone Music’s New Releases Out Thursday, June 21!

Out & Gone Music is happy to announce the release of four new albums, which drop tomorrow, June 21. There’s a wide variety of music from some of North Carolina’s best improvisers. This batch features two albums from  Greensboro-based Swiss saxophonist Laurent Estoppey; the second volume of James Gilmore’s Bag of Tricks; and a new album from David Menestres’ group Polyorchard. All are available on the Out & Gone Music Bandcamp page. Take a listen, support creative music, and enjoy!

Zkrabuj et Chou et Pate is the duo of Laurent Estoppey and drummer Luc Muller.  NC3 was recorded live in North Carolina.

HiLyeDyeLieDieWhyBye features Estoppey with a number of his collaborators from the United States and Europe.

James Gilmore’s Bag of Tricks, vol. 2 is a live recording that features Gilmore on guitar, Butler Knowles on bass, Karen Strittmatter-Galvin on violin, and Shawn Galvin on drums.

Polyorchard’s Sextet | Quintet features two iterations of Polyorchard: a sextet with bassist David Menestres, trombonist Jeb Bishop, cellist Chris Eubank, trumpeter Bill McConaghy, tubist David Morris, and violist Dan Ruccia; and a quintet of Menestres, Eubank, Ruccia, Bishop, and trumpeter Jacob Wick.