Pre-Order James Gilmore’s ‘Bag of Tricks vol 3’

James Gilmore’s ‘Bag of Tricks vol 3’ is available for pre-order now, click below to stream and purchase.

Featuring Joe Westerlund (Megafaun, Mandolin Orange), Chris Sharp (ZooCru) and Raleigh trumpeter Paul Rogers, ‘Bag of Tricks vol 3’ completes a series of live recordings from Gilmore’s Free Improvised Music Series, held in early 2017 at Neptune’s Parlour in Raleigh.


Pre-order Two New Polyorchard Albums

Polyorchard will be releasing two new albums on March 20, and both are now available for preorder on the Out & Gone Bandcamp page.

Black Mountain
Recorded live at Black Mountain College, this album features saxophonist Laurent Estoppey, Michael Thomas Jackson on clarinet and radio, David Menestres on bass and objects, and Dan Ruccia on viola and piano.



Featuring Michael Thomas Jackson and Charles Phaneuf on clarinet, Crowmeat Bob Pence on bass clarinet, Dan Ruccia on viola, and David Menestres on bass.


Out & Gone Music album awareness show, August 4

Out & Gone Music is proud to announce a show in support of the our summer releases from James Gilmore, Polyorchard, and Laurent Estoppey.

Catch the James Gilmore Freetet, Polyorchard, and an Out & Gone all star ensemble on Saturday, August 4th at Scuppernong Books in Greensboro, North Carolina. Music starts at 7pm. And stay tuned for details on a show in Durham later in August.

You can find all our releases on our Bandcamp page.

Out & Gone Music’s New Releases Out Thursday, June 21!

Out & Gone Music is happy to announce the release of four new albums, which drop tomorrow, June 21. There’s a wide variety of music from some of North Carolina’s best improvisers. This batch features two albums from  Greensboro-based Swiss saxophonist Laurent Estoppey; the second volume of James Gilmore’s Bag of Tricks; and a new album from David Menestres’ group Polyorchard. All are available on the Out & Gone Music Bandcamp page. Take a listen, support creative music, and enjoy!

Zkrabuj et Chou et Pate is the duo of Laurent Estoppey and drummer Luc Muller.  NC3 was recorded live in North Carolina.

HiLyeDyeLieDieWhyBye features Estoppey with a number of his collaborators from the United States and Europe.

James Gilmore’s Bag of Tricks, vol. 2 is a live recording that features Gilmore on guitar, Butler Knowles on bass, Karen Strittmatter-Galvin on violin, and Shawn Galvin on drums.

Polyorchard’s Sextet | Quintet features two iterations of Polyorchard: a sextet with bassist David Menestres, trombonist Jeb Bishop, cellist Chris Eubank, trumpeter Bill McConaghy, tubist David Morris, and violist Dan Ruccia; and a quintet of Menestres, Eubank, Ruccia, Bishop, and trumpeter Jacob Wick.


Jeb Bishop and Dan Ruccia begin East Coast Tour June 26


Trombonist Jeb Bishop and violist Dan Ruccia begin a five city tour of the East Coast in support of their new album Scratch Slice Jag on June 26. Bishop and Ruccia will bring their brand of adventurous and rigorous free improvisation to audiences from Washington DC to South Carolina. For all but one performance Bishop and Ruccia will be joined by a series of special guests, making each night a unique and unforgettable experience.

Tour schedule:
June 26: Rhizome, Washington DC, with Jeremiah Cymerman and Bobb Drake/JGuy Laughlin
June 27: Black Iris, Richmond, VA, second set with Scott Clark and Cameron Ralston
June 28: Arcana, Durham, NC, second set with David Menestres and Carrie Schull
June 29: Revolve Gallery, Asheville, NC, second set with Tashi Dorji and Shane Parish
June 30: ifArt Gallery, Columbia, SC

Scratch Slice Jag, which received a 4 star review in the Free Jazz Blog, showcases Bishop and Ruccia’s unusual pairing: the trombone and the viola. Of the pair, Bishop writes: “These are both instruments that are usually relegated to a place in the margins, the shadows, away from the center of attention. And they are both the butt(s) of some of the finest musician jokes.” Their music, however is no joke. Drawing on European free improvisation, new music, and employing myriad extended techniques, Bishop and Ruccia explore the outer reaches of their instruments and the possibilities that emerge when two like-minded improvisers come together to share their musical and personal relationship with their audience.

Spring Shows

This spring is pretty busy for Out and Gone groups. Here’s what’s on tap from now through May 8.

2018-3-28 James Gilmore’s Free Improvised Music Series. Pinhook, 8:30pm. Free. Features James Gilmore, Ariel Peacock, Chris Sharp, Kassam Williams.

2018-03-30 Polyorchard opens for Heart of a Ghost (Luke Stewart, Jarret Gilgore, Iam McColm, from DC) at Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC). Polyorchard will be Vattel Cherry, Jil Christensen, Michael Thomas Jackson, David Menestres, & Chris Robinson

2018-03-31 Polyorchard & Cyanotype at the Black Mountain College {RE}Happening (Black Mountain, NC) with Laurent Estoppey, Michael Thomas Jackson, David Menestres, Dan Ruccia performing four new works plus an improvised set.

2018-04-03 Polyorchard’s Exsufflation Series at The Carrack (Durham, NC) performing works by Alvin Curran. Polyorchard will be Michael Thomas Jackson, David Menestres, Chris Robinson.

2018-05-05 Superb Owl (Jason Bivins, Chris Robinson, Dan Ruccia) open up for Behavior and No Age at the Pinhook in Durham, NC. Doors at 8, show at 9. $12-$15. All Ages.

2018-05-08 Polyorchard’s Exsufflation Series at The Carrack (personnel TBA) (Durham, NC)

Pics from last night’s Microkingdom, Polyorchard, Jil Christensen/Charles Chace show

Last night Microkingdom (seriously, if you haven’t checked out Microkingdom, you’re missing out), Polyorchard, and Jil Christensen/Charles Chace played a house concert in Durham, NC. Also, poodles. Here’s some pics.

microkingdom rocking with sampson
Microkingdom: Will Redman on drums. Marc Miller on guitar. Sampson on emotional support.


polyorchard march 23 alfie loves it
Polyorchard: David Menestres on bass, Jil Christensen on accordion, Chris Robinson on bari sax and alto clarinet. Alfie loves it.
jil charles dogs
Jil Christensen on keys, Charles Chace on guitars. #musicfordogs
sampson mascot
Sampson, chillin like a villain


Alfie listening hard.

Release Show! Oct 7 at Arcana in Durham, NC

OG release show poster

Out & Gone Music is happy to announce the release show for our Fall set of releases. All three groups (Polyorchard, Dan Ruccia & Jeb Bishop, and James Gilmore’s FreeTet) be performing Arcana in Durham, NC on October 7 from 6-9pm.

The event on Facebook. Feel free to spread the good word.

Come on down to hear some great music, buy the albums, and hang with some of the Triangle’s coolest musicians.

The details:

Arcana, 331 W. Main Street (back entrance), Durham NC. (919) 973-1675.

Showtime 6 PM. Admission 21 and over only. Suggested Donation, $5

Announcing James Gilmore’s Bag of Tricks, vol. 1

BoT v1 cover

Out & Gone Music is excited to announce the release of guitarist James Gilmore’s Bag of Tricks vol. 1. Available October 15 as a limited edition CD and digital download, the album features saxophonist Laurent Estoppey, bassists Vattel Cherry and David Menestres, and percussionist Shawn Galvin. Recorded live at Neptune’s Parlour in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2017, this is the first of three volumes taken from the performances from Gilmore’s Free Improvised Music Series. Gilmore created the series to bring improvisers with unique vocabularies together to create a distinct ensemble sound and to let each musician bring their own identity to the group. Featuring several heavyweights from North Carolina’s improvised music scene, Volume 1 moves from moments of introspective stillness to more playful interaction to tense, nervous enunciations that appear as fast as they dissipate. Cherry describes the music as “a metaphor for anarchy. It is leaderless, improvisational, yet fastidiously composed; it celebrates free development of thought and action as well was collective and individualist artistic expression of love and trust.”

You can preview one track and pre-order Bag of Tricks, vol. 1 on Bandcamp.