Upcoming shows by Out & Gone Music artists and affiliated groups and friends:

July 25: House Show at Das Hund Haus (5516 Wendell Rd, Chapel Hill)
Polyorchard (Jil Christensen, David Menestres, Dan Ruccia)
Dougie Bowne (of Lounge Lizards, Cibo Mato, Arto Lindsay)
Tashi Dorji + Crowmeat Bob

August 4:


August 14: Polyorchard’s Excufflation Series at the Carrack, Durham, 8pm

August 15: House show at Das Hund Haus (5516 Wendell Rd, Chapel Hill)
Polyorchard with Peter J. Woods and Gerritt Wittmer

August 18: 
Trio of Justin Holt, David Menestres, Nic Stotts at Glenwood Books (Greensboro, NC)